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Last year I took my team over to the US to visit several churches and learn from their leaders. We wanted to know how to accommodate growth in our church whilst “staying on mission.”

It was a special time and we learned a great deal. Each of the churches we visited received us graciously and readily answered our questions. But our time with John Burke was especially memorable. He made a generous amount of time to be with us and even allowed us to use his church’s invitational mission statement:

  • Come as you are
  • Be transformed
  • Live connected
  • Transform your world

This summed up nicely the journey we wanted to facilitate for anyone entering our church building. But, as you know, reality isn’t as simple as a bulleted list. Each goal presents challenges which raise lots of questions.

Thankfully, John and his team have worked through many of the questions at Gateway Church and he provided valuable lessons from their experiences.

In just a couple of weeks, we get to share more time with John at the ‘Out of the Culture Conference.’ I heartily encourage you to join us—I assure you it will be time well spent.

In the meantime, here is a PDF e-book, Grow Your Church Out of the Culture. This e-book—a helpful resource in itself and adapted from John’s GLS talk several years ago—will prepare your heart and mind for an excellent day with him. We would love for you to have a read and send it to others. Just click here.

Gareth Mills
Senior Pastor, Thriving Life Church, Newtownards