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For your prayers

Dear Friends

In light of recent events at Willow Creek, I am writing this email to you as a change to our normal monthly update. By now I am sure that you will be informed – either through our previous communications or the media – that allegations have been brought on Bill Hybels’ leadership at Willow, and subsequently he has stepped down from his roles in the church and the WCA.

The news has been received with great sadness. Mixed with a feeling of grief is a level of confusion over varying accounts that are coming from different sources and, more crucially, from people for whom we have deep respect.

As a result, many of us are wondering what to make of it all whilst living in the knowledge that something we held dear – including the people and the relationships it represents – has gone horribly wrong.

I need to say that the WCA UK & Ireland Board and Staff Team stand with everyone in the collective sadness and grief being felt. We appreciate it is a difficult reality to live with, especially for those of us who for many years have been blessed by the ministry from the Willow platform and whose lives have been shaped by its teaching and training.

We value our partnership with you and our ongoing concern is to serve you in your leadership. Respectively, we are so grateful for the support and concern that many of you have kindly shown to us through the messages of goodwill you have taken the time to send.

As together we continue to process the seriousness of this situation, we offer some prayer points below which we trust will provide a steer for us all in the coming weeks.

We will be in touch again in due course about short and longer term plans, but for now we want to take stock of the situation and offer an opportunity for us to pray through it together.

As ever, please do give us a call if we can help in any way – 023 8071 0295.

All the very best
Will Salmon
Executive Director
WCA UK & Ireland

Prayer Points

  • Thanksgiving for Willow, the WCA and the ministry of those who have inspired and influenced our walk with God
  • For the Willow Creek church elders, for continued wisdom and understanding throughout the whole process, that wrongs might be put right, that truth and grace may prevail
  • For Heather Larson, Lead Pastor, and Steve Carter, Teaching Pastor, as they lead and pastor the church from here onwards
  • For the serious situation that has arisen and everyone involved: that constructive dialogue may take place and due process followed through; that broken relationships will be restored; for the women affected, that they will be heard and their stories respected; for the Hybels family as they process the whole situation, for the comfort and guidance of the Holy Spirit; for Bill, as he commits to this season of reflection

We would also value your prayers for WCA UK & Ireland, as follows:

  • That we would lead well during this difficult season
  • For key decisions to be made over the coming weeks relating to our short and long term plans in serving the local church




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