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Dear Friends

You may be aware of a difficult situation which has arisen at Willow Creek Community Church in the last week.

On 22 March, the Chicago Tribune published an article that alleged impropriety on the part of Bill Hybels dating back a number of years. The article cited several former Willow staff as those involved in bringing the allegations and raising questions over the investigations conducted by the Willow Creek Elders.

The news was shocking and deeply saddening – and continues to be.

Below is a response provided by WCA President, Tom De Vries, which the WCA UK & Ireland Board would like to echo. We would encourage you to visit the webpage provided and watch the videos. And we would underline our commitment towards the Global Leadership Summit and its aims.

It is pertinent, perhaps, that the themes of reconciliation and respect have recurred at the GLS in recent years, and we would humbly ask for your prayers in this regard to surround all those involved.

Please read Tom’s message below.

Wallace Pepper
Chairman of the Board
WCA UK & Ireland

wcpatternDear Friend and Ministry Partner,

As you can imagine, the last few days have been difficult for the WCA board, staff and all parties impacted by the story published in the Chicago Tribune on March 22 alleging impropriety by Bill Hybels. We continue to work with Willow Creek Community Church and its elders to ensure that every biblically appropriate step is taken.

Like you, we recognize the tension of respecting all parties involved in this situation. However, the rigorous internal and third-party investigations to date have revealed no evidence to support the allegations raised against Bill Hybels.

If there are still unanswered questions, WCA is committed to finding and sharing that information with you. We recognize the value of not rushing to judgment.

Pam Orr, current chair of the Willow Creek Community Church Elder board, and Bill Hybels gave statements during the weekend services at Willow Creek Community Church. These videos are available for you to watch online here.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to helping all Christians grow their leadership for Kingdom impact. I want to reassure you The Global Leadership Summit is strong and we continue to pray for God’s favor and blessing. We are grateful for your partnership.

Please continue to pray for us and all who are affected by this current situation as together we seek to follow Jesus Christ and provide a united testimony of the Gospel.


Tom De Vries
President, Willow Creek Association
The Global Leadership Summit

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