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Don't just focus on getting the right people on the bus. Get the wrong people off the bus, too

Notes from Defining Moments episode, ‘Leading Givers and Takers,’ with Bill Hybels and Jeff Lockyer.

Takers can do a huge amount of damage.

Identifying takers:

  • When someone uses “I” instead of “we” statements.
  • People who are employed by churches are not perfect – they have not come from ideal backgrounds or circumstances.
  • Many people become broken before they become Christians!
  • Sometimes transitioning to church employment can highlight blind spots or taker tendencies – someone has been used to taking credit to prove themselves.

Correcting takers:

  • Give real time coaching – encouraging people doing something right as well as correcting / pointing out missed opportunities.
  • Debriefing after meetings and having appropriate follow up conversations.
  • When someone apologises rapidly and is embarrassed by what is pointed out it’s a positive sign.
  • If you continually have the same conversation, try having a different one with consequences.

Notes by Suzy Williamson

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