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Bill Hybels
Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership – Bill Hybels

Main points At some point in your life you realise that pretty much everything rises or falls on leadership Look at anything in the world that’s flourishing and you will be able to track it back to a leader or a leadership team that figured it out, took a bold move or tried something Look […]

Focusing on the wildly important

This verse* is from Chris McChesney’s GLS talk last week in Chicago. If, like me, you are prone to setting too many projects and goals with a counterproductive effect, his message will be very helpful to you! He says, “Execution doesn’t like complexity; the two best friends of execution are simplicity and transparency…” and he […]

GLS 2015 Banner
GLS 2015 Session Recap

A week or two on from the GLS 2015, how are things going for you? Here are some quick reminders of what we learned this year: In SESSION 1, Bill Hybels asked how gritty we are. Do we have any blind spots? What do we do when we don’t know what to do?! Do we […]


  Amidst the sense of space that summer brings, I have no doubt that you’ll already be thinking ahead to the Autumn term and, dare I say, Christmas, in your planning. A couple of months ago I found it helpful to sit down and work through twelve questions to help me plan ahead better. They […]

Going Deep – Dave Edwins

‘What might happen if a church made the development of deep people its highest priority? What if a church decided that it’s pastor’s greatest responsibility was to lead the effort to produce a continuous flow of deep people?’ Gordon MacDonald, Going Deep, Preface   It was during 2013 that we discovered Gordon MacDonald’s book Going Deep. […]

Global Leadership Summit 2014 banner
GLS 2014 Prayer Bulletin

Dear Prayer Coordinator There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens (Ecclesiastes 3:1). Seasons don’t last forever. As Bill Hybels wrote recently in ‘Simplify – 10 practices to unclutter your soul’ we should not regard life as predictable or controllable. Seasons can last for weeks, months or years, […]

GLS Pic: What Kills Love Kills Organisations
A Leader’s Prayer – Bill Hybels

Bill Hybels’ closing prayer at his Summit 2003 session, ‘The Leader’s Edge’: “God there is something very deep and dark within many of us that enjoys being the ‘WE’ and enjoys identifying who the ‘THEY’ would be. There’s something twisted and broken inside of many of us that wants to be one up and a […]

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The Leader’s Best Friend – Bill Hybels

‘…the power of the Holy Spirit is the leader’s best friend. The one who stands alongside you when leadership gets lonely… that’s the Holy Spirit. The one who guides and gives you strength when leadership gets confusing… that’s the Holy Spirit. The one who warns you of pitfalls and whispers words of renewal when you […]

The False Self – Pete Scazzero

~ image text from Pete Scazzero’s Daily Office ~ The False Self The false self is pretending, consciously or unconsciously, to be somebody you are not. Defensive and superficial, it severely limits our relationships and our effective witness for Christ. The following is a brief inventory to determine how much of a mask, or false […]

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