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Hope of the World – Leading for Mission Conference 2018
2018 Conference Sneak Peek

An Interview with Sarah Richards Sarah Richards is co-founder and executive leader of Cornerstone Church. Sarah serves on the Board of WCA UK & Ireland and the planning team for ‘Hope of the World–Leading for Mission Conference.’ She is part of the Pioneer Leadership Team and on the leadership of New Wine Cymru. Bringing years […]

Leading for Mission Conference 2018 Header
On Evangelism – Bill Hybels

Transcript I think every Christ follower has to cross a maginot line at some point in his or her development, so this is kind of the one that I crossed many years ago and I ask Willow people to cross. I say, when you look at family, colleagues, friends and neighbours who are far from […]

Hope of the World: Leading for Mission Conference 2018
Hope of the World – Bill Hybels

‘There’s nothing like the local church when the local church is working right – it’s the hope of the world.’ Bill Hybels Two of the most important flywheels for ministry are leadership and evangelism. Leadership allows others to thrive in their gifts and evangelism invites them into a better story. Yet the experience for many […]