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Bill Hybels
Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership – Bill Hybels

Main points At some point in your life you realise that pretty much everything rises or falls on leadership Look at anything in the world that’s flourishing and you will be able to track it back to a leader or a leadership team that figured it out, took a bold move or tried something Look […]

Patrick Lencioni
Leadership and Discipleship

Since taking on the Director role in January 2015 I’ve stumbled across a recurrent, increasingly nagging problem: I am not perfect! Of course, I knew this before, but being in this role seems to have clarified it beyond doubt, every day, every conversation, every decision. It is as if leadership is a mirror to the […]

GLS audience
Making a Difference

A copy of our quarterly letter to WCA UK/IRE Members: Dear Friends A couple of weeks ago I chatted with a pastor who mentioned how he was using what he had learned from the GLS in his community and how it was making a difference. Then just last week I picked up a thought-provoking photojournalism book […]

Creativity, Inc.
Offers and Events

Dear Friends In the run-up to Christmas, we have some great GLS resource offers for you and your team. Also, looking ahead to 2016, we have gatherings with Bill Hybels and Gordon MacDonald, plus you can now book for the GLS 2016 at Willow Creek – see below. All the very best The WCA UK & […]

GLS Photo and Text
Stories and Experiences from GLS Battersea 2014

‘Every year when I go to the GLS I find myself saying, “that was so helpful, inspiring, mind-stretching and practically relevant to my life.”‘ Sunil Raheja, All Souls, Langham Place. GLS 2014. ‘I very much enjoyed this event, the summit was well put together and the venue is fab! What I have taken from this is… that I […]

Global Leadership Summit 2014 banner
GLS 2014 Prayer Bulletin

Dear Prayer Coordinator There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens (Ecclesiastes 3:1). Seasons don’t last forever. As Bill Hybels wrote recently in ‘Simplify – 10 practices to unclutter your soul’ we should not regard life as predictable or controllable. Seasons can last for weeks, months or years, […]

Global Leadership Summit 2014
Chicago Global Leadership Summit 2014 Highlights

Bill Hybels – “Twenty years ago way before Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Netflix I stepped to the podium of the Lakeside Auditorium in front of about two thousand expectant people and I explained what I felt was the need to launch this thing called The Leadership Summit.” Jeffrey Immelt – “Leadership is this intense journey […]

GLS Taster Session with Joseph Grenny
Difficult Conversations – Joseph Grenny

Joseph Grenny gives an injection of leadership wisdom at Willow Creek Community Church to launch The Global Leadership Summit 2014 season. Grenny focuses on disproportionate influence in critical moments and how to understand it from a leadership perspective. Find out more about the Global Leadership Summit 2014

GLS Pic: What Kills Love Kills Organisations
A Leader’s Prayer – Bill Hybels

Bill Hybels’ closing prayer at his Summit 2003 session, ‘The Leader’s Edge’: “God there is something very deep and dark within many of us that enjoys being the ‘WE’ and enjoys identifying who the ‘THEY’ would be. There’s something twisted and broken inside of many of us that wants to be one up and a […]

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