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Hope of the World – Leading for Mission Conference 2018
Hope of the World Conference 2018 – Feedback

We had a fantastic 2 days at the Hope of the World Conference earlier this month! Here is some of the feedback we have received from those who attended (refresh the page to load more). Conference MP3 Set  

GLS 2017 Header
GLS 2017 Feedback

  The GLS 2017 is underway and making a positive impact on pastors and leaders around the country. Here’s some of the latest feedback:  

GLS Chicago
GLS 2015 Feedback

An eye opening and heart stopping leadership challenge that struck to the core of church leadership. No one could have shared in the event without being motivated to look again at what, why and how their leadership adds to the Kingdom of God. Graham White, GLS Belfast Once again a stimulating and encouraging time receiving […]

The Artisan Soul Seminar banner
The Artisan Soul Seminar – Your Thoughts

Dear Friends If you attended The Artisan Soul seminar with Erwin McManus last week, we would greatly value your thoughts. Many thanks…   Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

GLS Photo and Text
Stories and Experiences from GLS Battersea 2014

‘Every year when I go to the GLS I find myself saying, “that was so helpful, inspiring, mind-stretching and practically relevant to my life.”‘ Sunil Raheja, All Souls, Langham Place. GLS 2014. ‘I very much enjoyed this event, the summit was well put together and the venue is fab! What I have taken from this is… that I […]

One-to-one meeting
A Beginner’s Guide to Managing Staff – Part 5: The Review – John Truscott

“Ah,” you say, “the dreaded annual appraisal”. To confirm your feelings, watch this clip (ignore the non-appraisal bit!): And that’s what appraisal is all about for many line managers, with Christians being little different. Sad. So let’s start again. I’ll avoid the A word and use the broader R one, Review. Here are four key […]

A Leaders Gathering with John Burke – February 7th & 8th

We are very much looking forward to John Burke’s return visit in February. Do come with your leadership team if you can! Here’s some feedback from his 2010 visit for your interest: It was great to be taught by a leader of a large church who is down to earth and passionate about broken people.  […]

GLS 2013 Chicago Feedback – Various

Well, once again, it was amazing! Just under 100 leaders from the UK and Ireland attended the live event at Willow Creek and here is some of their feedback: I heard about GLS last year February (2012) and decided to go to Chicago in August to attend Global Leadership Summit. Last year after attending GLS […]

Willow on the Road with Lifechurch.tv Feedback – Tom MacDonald

What impacted you most from the presentation? Having attended the Willow on the road event yesterday in Scunthorpe I was greatly inspired by the amazing work going on all around the world involving Church Online. Dana and Chris came across as warm, friendly, passionate people and they were a pleasure to be with. I found […]

Seeking Ways to Make a Greater Impact on the Youth in Our Area

We wanted to share this email as it just might be that you’re also at a bit of crossroads with your youthwork and the Online Youth Conference might help spark some energy and discussion within your team: From: Pete Fowler Sent: 15 June 2011 18:02 To: Jude Grant – WCA Membership & Conferences Subject: Re: […]

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