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Take Ten DVD (Vol 3) 10-minute Leadership Lessons for Teams

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A key part of leadership is learning from other leaders and taking advantage of opportunities to get better. Take Ten Volume 3 allows you to customise your training by topic with leadership insights from The Global Leadership Summit faculty. Take Ten Volume 3 offers 10-minute leadership lessons that focus on critical themes (see bulleted list below).
Take Ten Volume 3 is customisable to meet your needs, whether it’s launching a new initiative, having a tough conversation, or rallying your team with what they need to take on new challenges. This is an essential resource to develop you and your team. PLUS discussion questions to process each leadership lesson, apply what you’ve learned, and facilitate discussions with your entire team.

The 10-Minute Sessions

  1. Decision Making – Steven Sample
  2. Leading Change – Henry Cloud
  3. Culture – Jessica Jackley
  4. Conflict Management – Dr William Ury
  5. Developing Leaders – Craig Groeschel
  6. Mental Toughness – Geoffrey Canada
  7. Priorities – Bill Hybels
  8. Spiritual Practices – Mama Maggie Gobran
  9. Hope of the World – Bill Hybels
  10. Volunteers – Harvey Carey


The Speakers and the Event

  1. Steven Sample from “The Contrarian’s Guide to Leadership”, GLS 2004
  2. Henry Cloud from “Necessary Endings”, GLS 2011
  3. Jessica Jackley from “A Leadership Case Study”, GLS 2009
  4. William Ury from “Getting to Yes”, GLS 2012
  5. Craig Groeschel from “The Strongest Link”, GLS 2012
  6. Geoffrey Canada from “Changing the Odds”, GLS 2012
  7. Bill Hybels from “The Privilege of Leadership”, GLS 2012
  8. Mama Maggie Gobran from “Tough Callings”, GLS 2011
  9. Bill Hybels from “Hope of the World”, GLS 2012
  10. Harvey Carey from “Against All Odds”, GLS 2009




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