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Would you like to have a church filled with people who are:

…equipped to fulfill God’s purposes?
…having great ministry enthusiasm and impact?
…serving with more affirmation, love and commitment?
…competently using their spiritual gifts in the areas of their ministry passion?
…expanding ministries and extending the church’s reach into the community?
…avoiding ministry stress, boredom, and burnout?

You can!

Discover your spiritual gifts, personal style, and God-given passion for serving in the body of Christ. Network, the leading course for discovering spiritual gifts and empowering people for ministry has been revised and updated. This material, developed in partnership with the Willow Creek Association, helps churches appropriately guide people to the place of ministry that best reflects who they are. Churches will see increased participation, greater effectiveness, more enthusiasm, and less burn-out in their congregation. Believers in their church will discover the spiritual gifts God has given them. They will have a better understanding of God’s will for their lives because of gaining a better understanding of who God created them to be.


Session 1—Imagine a Church…
Session 2—The Purpose of Gifts
Session 3—The Discovery of Gifts
Session 4—The Power of Love — The Value of Personality
Session 5—The Influence of Passion
Session 6—The Promise of Ministry

What’s available…?

Main curriculum material (please click on items below for further details):

Participants will be assessed on their personal style, spiritual passion, and gifts. Network works with any size group, from small groups of 4 to 12 to large groups of 15 to 150. The six Network sessions can be presented successfully in three flexible formats: two sessions of three hours each; three sessions of two hours each; six sessions of fifty minutes each; or one- two- or three-day retreats.

What You Do Best
What You Do Best in the Body of Christ  

Now with discussion questions and assessment tools to help you determine your unique ministry fit.

Have you found fulfillment in life?
Can you say your ministry is fruitful?

God has created you to be both fulfilled and fruitful in a meaningful place of service.
You can discover your God-given design and the role he created for you in and through the local church.In What You Do Best in the Body of Christ, Bruce Bugbee helps you identify your God-given spiritual gifts, personal style, and ministry passion. And he shows how they point to your unique role and purpose in the body of Christ when they are expressed together.
Drawing from biblical principles, this book provides proven tools and a conversational approach that will help you fulfill God’s will for your life.

You’ll discover:

  • Your God-given Spiritual Gifts indicate what you’re equipped to do competently
  • Your God-given Personal Style indicates how you can serve with energy and authenticity
  • Your God-given Ministry Passion indicates where you’re motivated to serve

Together, they indicate what you do best in the body of Christ! You will also better understand God’s design for the church and your role within it. You’ll find plenty of helpful charts and self-assessments—plus insights into the fallacies and pitfalls that can hinder your effectiveness. Start learning today what God wants you to do, and experience more enthusiasm, greater joy, and real significance in your life and ministry.

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts Network Wat

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts the Network Way  

This is a small booklet containing five assessments in the areas of traits, observation, experience, conviction, and ministry fit to help people understand their spiritual giftedness.

For use individually or in small groups. Find your role in the body of Christ. When you know and use your spiritual gifts, you can participate in the ministry God created for you. It will be fruitful and fulfilling. Serving others will be exciting.

This practical book contains four assessments:

  • personal experience
  • character traits
  • ministry convictions
  • others’ observations

Together, they will help you identify your spiritual gifts. An additional assessment allows you to gauge the effectiveness of your ministry and whether your ministry employs your gifts.

A valuable tool for small groups, this book gives insight into all of the spiritual gifts, what each one contributes, and how they complement each other. Your church will radiate the power of the risen Christ as every member of the body fulfills his or her role.



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