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Leading From Here to There – Study Guide – Bill Hybels

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“No matter what the sphere, your leadership makes all the difference in the future of those you lead.” – Bill Hybels

It’s simple, really: Leadership is taking people from here to there – from how things are today to a preferred future where organisations accomplish their missions and churches fulfill their God-given “kingdom assignments.”

So why is something so simple such a challenge worldwide to leaders young and old?

Through five power-packed video sessions, Bill Hybels walk you through the core essentials of leading people from here to there. No matter where you are in your own leadership development, you’ll come away with a laser-focused understanding of each concept, you’ll be equipped to apply it to your unique set of leadership challenges – and you can put it into practice immediately.

The study guide provides video notes for each session, practical questions to help guide your team in developmental conversations, and several “Skills in Action” activities that will help you engage each concept in your actual leadership environment. Though designed with a leadership “learning group” in mind, this material works equally well as a personal-development tool for every leader.

Each of the video sessions will feature Hybels sharing the wisdom and experience that he has learned in nearly 40 years of leadership at Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Illinois.

Sessions include:

  • Visionary Leadership
  • Self-Leadership
  • Interpersonal Leadership
  • Organisational Leadership
  • Personal Calling

Leading From Here to There represents a leadership development journey that will allow leaders to take the inspiration and equipping received at the Global Leadership Summit, and begin to apply key principles in an in-depth format.


DVD also available here.



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