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The Idea Book – Fredrik Härén


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The Idea Book is no ordinary book about ideas: it is a combined book and notebook designed to awaken creativity and help you generate ideas. The book premises that good ideas do not just appear by themselves, they need to be enticed out. The Idea Book contains 150 episodes about innovative ideas followed by relevant quotations by world’s most creative people like Albert Einstein and interspersed with 150 blank pages, for the reader to jot down their own bright ideas. The book hopes to follow the footsteps of Thomas Edison and Leonardo Da Vinci in the habit of writing down all the ideas and evaluating, combining and finally emerging with a bright idea.

This hugely successful book has been translated into 9 languages, including English, Japanese and Chinese.

The Idea Book serves as a training tool for creativity that is used by hundreds of companies, including HP, Sandvik, Ericsson, Volvo, China Mobile and GE.



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