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Equipping Life-Changing Leaders – DVD

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Like nothing else, small groups have the power to change lives. They’re the ideal route to discipleship—a place where the rubber of biblical truth meets the road of human relationships.

The Equipping Life-Changing Small Group Leaders DVD contains video training curriculum that works side-by-side with the Groups That Grow series of small group resources to effectively train small group leaders and the coaches who shepherd them, ultimately building a stronger, more vibrant small group network in your church.

This DVD contains a total of 17 sessions of training encompassing three hours of teaching. Along with practical teaching and time-tested lessons shared by small group ministry experts Bill Donahue, Greg Bowman and Russ Robinson, training sessions include interviews with small group leaders and role play re-enactments of real-life challenges that small group leaders often face.

Three different curriculum’s are included on the DVD, each matching a different book in the Groups That Grow series of resources, including:

• Leading Life-Changing Small Groups (8 Sessions)
• Coaching Life-Changing Small Group Leaders (4 Sessions)
• Building a Life-Changing Small Group Ministry (5 Sessions)

Facilitator’s guides (in PDF format) are also included on the DVD to assist those leading the training and teaching sessions, providing suggestions on how to best use the video content with the material in the books. For those who want to effectively equip small group leaders and coaches with excellence and truly witness life change in their small group ministry, this video-based training offers practical answers and inspiring examples.

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