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Becoming a Contagious Christian


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Picture all of your church members:

  • Demonstrating a contagious Christian character
  • Building relationships
  • Communicating their faith in a style that’s personal and natural
  • Explaining biblical truths in a style that’s personal and natural
  • Explaining biblical truths in everyday language
  • Responding to the most common objections to Christianity

Becoming a Contagious Christian is a proven course designed to equip believers for effective evangelism in today’s world. It avoids stereotyped approaches that feel intimidating to many Christians. Instead, it shows ordinary believers how they can share the gospel in a natural and powerful way while being the person God made them to be. Each session’s exercises, discussions, self-assessments, and video vignettes give step-by-step guidance to help participants become effective communicators for Christ to those around them. Used with nearly 1,000,000 people, Becoming a Contagious Christian is an innovative and unparalleled program for training Christians in relational evangelism

The Revised Edition includes the following updates:

  • Six, 50-minute training sessions on DVD (instead of eight)
  • DVD vignettes, including dramas, testimonies, person-on-the-street segments, and a vision-casting segment for leaders
  • Two teaching options: teach the course yourself, or use the DVDs and let Mark Mittelberg and Lee Strobel teach for you (a great option for small groups)
  • CD-ROM with reproducible promotional materials, including posters and bulletin inserts for use in an all-church campaign

Becoming a Contagious Christian works with any size group, from small groups of 4-9 to Sunday school classes and other large groups of 10 to 150 or more. It can be presented successfully in any of the following formats:

  • Three sessions of two hours each
  • Six sessions of 50 minutes each
  • One, two, or three-day retreats

Becoming a Contagious Christian Material:

  • Two 180-minute DVDs featuring dramas, interview segments and complete course teaching
  • Leader’s Guide
  • Participant’s Guide
  • PowerPoint CD-ROM
  • Becoming a Contagious Christian book

6 sessions (flexible format).



3 reviews for Becoming a Contagious Christian

  1. will

    “In their heart of hearts I think all true followers of Christ long to become contagious Christians. Deep down they sense that there isnt anything as rewarding as opening a person up to God’s love and truth. This course will help build the values, skills and confidence needed to do just that.” Bill Hybels, Senior Pastor, Willow Creek

  2. will

    “We have used the Contagious Christian course in the division. It makes evangelism possible for everyone and blows away the myth that only those with the spiritual gift of evangelism can do it. It is a great tool and one that I have personally used, scribbling on a note-pad, to lead someone to faith. Let’s have more of this to grow God’s Kingdom.” Ivor Telfer, Salvation Army West Scotland Division

  3. will

    “We are using “Becoming a Contagious Christian” as an ongoing resource. It has taken off a great deal of pressure from the shoulders of our people. The expectation of instant results was a source of disappointment when some other courses were used and the expected results were not achieved. Now evangelism is viewed in a much more relaxed way, while still maintaining a sense of urgency.”
    John Hollick, Elim Church

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