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25 Vital Leadership Questions – DVD

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25 Videos to Develop Your Leadership & Team in 10 Minutes or Less

Healthy teams consistently develop their leadership, but you know it requires time and resources to find quality opportunities. In 25 Vital Questions: Leadership Conversation Starters, you have exclusive access to a convenient and affordable solution. Available via DVD, this resource sets up 25 high-impact conversations led by the world-class Summit faculty in 10 minutes or less and includes follow-up discussion questions to sharpen and strengthen your team.

Questions on topics include:

  • Work-Life Balance Bishop T.D. Jakes
  • Replenishment­ Wayne Cordeiro
  • Lifelong Learning Liz Wiseman
  • Silence & Solitude Mama Maggie Gobran
  • Servant Leadership Sam Adeyemi
  • Managing Priorities Bill Hybels
  • Mental Toughness Geoffrey Canada
  • Encouragement John Maxwell
  • Bridging Generations Craig Groeschel
  • Vulnerability at Work Patrick Lencioni
  • Difficult Conversations Joseph Grenny
  • Negotiation William Ury
  • Giving & Receiving Feedback Sheila Heen
  • Decision Making Steven Sample
  • Operational Excellence Horst Schulze
  • Gender Diversity at Work Sallie Krawcheck
  • Creating a Culture of Giving Blake Mycoskie
  • Building a Fantastic Culture Bill Hybels
  • Energizing Vision Jack Welch
  • Necessary Endings Dr. Henry Cloud
  • Identifying Important Goals Chris McChesney
  • Initiating Change Michelle Rhee
  • Increasing Risk Tolerance Jossy Chacko
  • Power of the Church Bill Hybels
  • Spiritual Leadership Danielle Strickland