DCL 6.5 Inspiration | A Leaders’ Guide for the Long Haul

Outline of Session

  • Three common warning signs
  • Protections in place
  • Passion for God and His Word
  • Mentoring


Conference Session by Bo Boshers.

(Try and make space to watch this video in one sitting)



1.  Personal reflection: Write down the key insight from this session you can personally take away and then discuss your answer with your team.  What one thing in particular is God drawing to your attention?


2.  What shifts do you recognise in your life that may divert you from your course?

Bo outlined three common warning signs.  For each of these, consider the question asked:

  • Your heart is becoming proud: check your motives – is it about you or God?
  • You are no longer teachable: are you still growing?
  • You are neglecting your family and key relationships: are you spending less time with your family?


3.  What protections do you have in place?

  • Your heart: how are you protecting your heart? Do you have those around you who know your heart and can speak wisely to you?  A mentor, friend, accountability partner?
  • Your learning: what are you learning today?  What are you doing to sharpen your ministry skills? List some of the activities that you might undertake to enable this and seek to apply them?
  • Your family and key relationships: how are you investing in them? How many evenings are you home and present?  Bo suggests four nights a week…..how many do you and your family agree are appropriate?

Bo recommends using a journal to help you recognise any shifts and warnings in your life that will need a course of correction.  If this is not a common practice for you, why not try journaling over a short period initially to see if this is of help to you.  Use the three warnings as headings and record your thoughts under each on a regular basis.  Do you see any patterns forming which may indicate a deviation occurring in your life?


4.  Passion for God and His Word: how are you modelling this for others?  is it evident to others?  What actions can you take to develop your relationship with Him?


5.  Mentoring: Bo encourages those in leadership to be mentors to others.  If you are not already mentoring someone, then who might you mentor?  If this is a new practice to you then seek out appropriate resources to be of help to you.

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