Self Evaluation Questions 3 & 4: Is My Character Conforming to the Image of Christ? Is My Pride Subdued? – Coaching Session


Is my character conforming to the image of Christ? Is my character conforming to the image of Christ? Check any employee survey. What do they most want from a boss? …Honesty. Ask people in a congregation, “What do you most want from your pastor?” …Integrity …Honesty. It’s almost impossible to lead well if you have any serious character defects. If you lie, people will not follow you for long. If you say, “I’ll be there.” And then you’re not there. People will not, they will not follow you for long.

Men and women have to be conformed to the image of Christ. It’s what gives your leadership believability over the long period of time, which is why every time you hear about a moral scandal or a financial scandal or something, you just go, “Hey, I can’t follow that leader. I don’t trust that leader. They have character issues.” So, I’ve just got to ask myself every 30 days, “Is my character conformed to the image of Christ?”

Closely to this, number four… Is my pride subdued? Is my pride subdued? Some of you know that I love sailboats and if the wind is blowing this way on a lake or on an ocean, okay so the wind is blowing this way… You know you cannot sail a sailboat directly into the wind…

I have a 7 year old grandson and I took him sailing for the first time in his life about 2 months ago. And he wanted to go right where the wind was blowing right at us. And I said, “Henry, Henry! You can’t sail this boat directly into the wind.” And he said, “But there’s a dock over there that I want to go to.” And I said, “But the wind’s blowing. Trust me little buddy, you can’t do it!” So I had to teach him that you have to sail in this direction, then you have to tack over this direction, then you tack over that direction, then you tack over that direction. Why am I explaining this to you? Because I miss sailing and I needed a few moments.

James 4:6 says these words, “God opposes the proud.” And it says, “He gives grace to the humble.” So here’s what I realise about pride. It says God makes it impossible to get where you’re going, where your pride wants to take you. God will oppose, just like the wind opposes a sailboat. God will oppose the proud. He’ll just make your plans really difficult. He’ll close doors. God opposes the proud, just like that stiff wind in the face of a sailboat all the time.

But then do you notice how that verse finishes? But He gives grace to the humble. When you have wind blowing like this and you turn that boat around and now that boat… I’m going to draw this boat here… that boat is going downwind. You have the sail out on this side, you have the other sail out on this side, now the current, the wind, all of that is pushing you. This is the image I keep in my mind all the time. If I’m in a situation where I feel myself starting to get a little proud about something, I go, “Oh don’t, Bill that’s enough.” God will oppose you today. He will oppose you tomorrow. He will oppose you every single day until you turn the boat around and you go in the direction of humility because he gives grace to the humble.

Gang… give credit to the team. Reach out to the least important people in your congregation. Be available to overlooked people. Be courteous in very small ways to show that pride hasn’t gotten to you and you’ll be glad.

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