Self Evaluation Question 6: Is Your Bucket Full? – Coaching Session


Okay, this is a question… When are you at your best as a leader? When your bucket is full! Here’s what I mean by this… when your bucket is full, I mean that God’s love has filled up your heart, you and your family members are in great relationship with each other so you’re filling up each other’s hearts, your staff is unified and so that’s all going good, you’re on your exercise program, you’ve just recently gotten back from vacation and you know you’re all refreshed. What kind of decisions do you make when your bucket is full? You make fantastic decisions, you stay creative, even if things don’t go your way you can still trust God. Wonderful things happen when you keep that bucket full.

Let me ask you another question… What are you like when your bucket is empty? What are you like when you’re exhausted, far from God, off your exercise and diet program, staff’s mad at you, you know your dog runs away because they’re afraid of you and all this stuff? Alright, what are you like when you’re down here? This is not you at your best. I can walk into meetings sometimes around Willow and I just take a quick inventory of who’s around the circle and I go, ‘Those three look like they’re in pretty good shape today, Ooh! Fred’s on empty! Fred’s going to be trouble! Fred’s going to swear! You know, I’m afraid of Fred! You can just tell, eh, Fred’s on empty’, okay. People will tell me, I’m not proud of this, but sometimes people will who work very closely with me they’ll say, ‘You’re running on empty aren’t you Bill?’ I’m like, ‘Oh I tried so hard to hide that from you’. They go, ‘You really can’t hide that, we know you so well. You’re easily irritated, you jump to conclusions instead of taking a long time to sort stuff out. You’re impatient with other people’s performance, you want to get stuff done. You’re harder on us when your bucket’s empty’. So they’ll plead with me, ‘Would you please go on vacation? Can you like double your vacation?’ Okay.

Now, whose? … (Audience laugh) I was going to say, I know it’s not my wife, but if she were here she’d probably say the same thing…

Alright now, so just to watch our time here, this is what I teach leaders all over the world, I say, ‘Look it’s your responsibility to keep your bucket full. It’s your responsibility to do this’. Remember one time, David, King David in the old testament, his army was attacked and they dragged off his wife and kids and the people wanted a mutiny on him, and oh, one of the worst days of his life! And it says in that, I think it’s 1 Samuel 30, that one little verse where it says, so David was on empty, he encouraged himself in God. He encouraged himself in God, he said, you know what I’ve got to get myself back up to this level or I’m going to do something stupid. He encouraged himself in God, got himself all filled back up, then he made some really good military decisions, got all the families back for everybody, almost lived happily ever after, had a few bumps after that, but I’m just kidding.

So here’s what I say to people, ‘What are the streams of replenishment, what are the streams of positive energy that you need to pour into your life on a consistent basis so that your bucket stays full and so that you can lead a long time?’ So this is a good exercise for you to do sometime later today or when you get back with your team and say, ‘What do I need to pour in my life? God… family… recreation… good reading… adventurous experiences, what are all of these streams for me? It’s going to look different on your team, what are all these streams that I need to pour in my life to keep myself full so that I’m my best self in making my best decisions?

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