People Disciplines: Part 1 – Coaching Session

TRANSCRIPT: People Disciplines: Part 1

Monday morning, what do you do to move the church a little bit from here to there? So the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about this has to do with what I would call people disciplines, people disciplines, like I was saying before giving a vision doesn’t get you to where the vision is pointing, it just sets the course, okay.

Monday morning you have to get the people who are going to help you carry out the vision, you’ve got to get the people, whether they be staff or volunteers, those people have to own the vision, understand their part in the vision and they have to be empowered to do what you’re asking them to do to get some motion going toward vision achievement. Correct? Understand? Okay.

So when you talk about the people disciplines, you say, ‘Okay, now we’re going to huddle up, we’re going to get all the people together, huddle up!’ One of the hardest things to do when you’re trying to get people to think in a disciplined way about vision achievement is this thing called alignment. If you’re all going to align toward this vision achievement that means you’ve got to tell a whole bunch of staff and volunteers what they can’t do anymore. See, ‘Now that we’re going here you can’t peel off and go 90 degrees there, you can’t peel off and go 90 degrees there…we’re all aligning together around vision achievement’. This is a very unpopular thing to tell staff and motivated volunteers, that they can’t do all those other things anymore because you’re all bought in on doing this one great thing that you feel God wants you to do.

So Monday morning, it’s a tough meeting. They’re all fired up about the vision until you tell them, ‘Everybody has to align around it!’ And you’re going to lose some people in just the aligning process. They’re going to go, ‘I don’t want to align!’ Well now what? Now what?

Those are hard talks you see. And then you have to decide, do we have right people in right jobs, right positions with right attitudes as we’re heading toward vision achievement…right people, in right positions with right attitudes. This is another really big thing and it takes so much discipline to sort out if you have the right people in the right positions and do they have the right attitude. That’s not an hour long meeting, that’s something you work at pretty much on a weekly basis. You’re just on that with discipline.

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