DCL 6.6 Inspiration | The Story of Two Leaders : When Your Calling Changes

Outline of Session

  • “Diving In”
  • Introductions of Ken and John
  • Ken Blanchard’s story
  • John Maxwell’s story
  • Leading Up
  • John Maxwell’s regrets when he was a pastor
  • Ken Blanchard’s observations about pastors
  • John Maxwell’s approach to sharing Christ in secular environments
  • Dangerous prayers


Conference Session by Ken Blanchard and John Maxwell.

(Try and make space to watch this video in one sitting)



1.  Personal Reflection: What “dangerous prayer” did you pray?

  • Write the next step you believe God is personally prompting you to make in your life or ministry.
  • Then, to the degree you are comfortable, share your thoughts and how your team can pray for you.


2.  John Maxwell explained that one of the keys to great leadership is adding value to others.  Select one person on your team and have the rest of the group share something they value or sincerely appreciate about that person. When you have finished, select another person and do the same until everyone has had a turn.













3.  As John said, it is important for a leader to get outside of their comfort zone, but not their “giftedness zone.”


  • On your own, think about what your top three spiritual gifts are. List them below.
  • What tasks or ministry work are you spending a significant amount of time doing that do not fall within your giftedness zone? Write them below.
  • What is one next step you can take to move yourself back into your giftedness zone?


4.  Knowing how to “lead up” is a vital skill for a seasoned leader. Answer the following questions and share your answers with your team:

  • What is one way you are leading up well?
  • What is one thing you could do differently or improve when leading up?


5.  Write down your team’s take away from this session.

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