DCL 3.6 Inspiration | Leadership is Stewardship

Outline of Session

  • The Stewardship of Leadership
  • “What is in your hand?”—Moses’ staff
  • If we lay down what is in our hand, God will make it come alive
  • The effects of writing The Purpose Driven Life
  • What are the biggest problems in the world that haven’t been solved?
  • The strategy—Luke 10


Conference Session by Rick Warren 

(Try and make space to watch this video in one sitting.)

1.  Personal Reflection: Below, write the key insight or learning from this session that you can personally take away and   discuss your answers with your team.


2.  Rick explained that Moses had to lay down his staff—which represented his identity, income and influence—in order for God to use it. What is in your hand you need to lay down so God can use it to His glory? Write your thoughts below, and then share your thoughts with your team.


3.  God cares immensely about the stewardship of the affluence/income in our lives. On your own, answer the questions below:

  • Reflect on how you really feel about your money and possessions—are they truly surrendered to God? Specifically, what does this look like in your life?
  • What is one step you can take to surrender in this area in the next week? Write it below.


4.  It is equally important for leaders to steward their influence and be a voice for those who do not have one. Discuss the questions below with your team:

  • Where do you, your ministry, or your church have influence that you are leveraging in this regard?
  • In what area(s) could you leverage your influence more?
  • What would it look like for you, your ministry, or your church if you were to begin leveraging your influence in this area(s)?


5.  Reflecting on the questions you’ve just answered and discussed, what is the one thing you personally will take away from this session—is it still the same as it was in Question 1?


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