DCL 3.5 Inspiration | The Power of Motivation

Outline of Session

  • We are all motivated by something
  • Three truths of motivation
  • Why people don’t perform
  • Ten practices  regarding motivation


Conference Session by John Maxwell

(Try and make space to watch this video in one sitting.)


1.  Personal reflection: Write down one key insight that you will reflect on further.

2.  John stated that we are all motivated by something or someone. What or who do you find to be motivational, and why?

3.  John said that people should motivate others with the right motives – for the right reason – and that there is a thin line between motivation and manipulation. He listed four questions to help you consider your motivational ‘drivers’. These are:

  • Do I only motivate people who can help me?
  • Do I only motivate people when I have a leadership assignment?
  • Do I only motivate people by using leverage or guilt?
  • Do I unconditionally love people despite how they respond?

Take a few moments to answer these, as honestly as you are able. What are your conclusions?

4.  Why don’t people perform? John listed four reasons as to why this might be the case. Look through the list and consider if there are any people you know who are not performing.  Could the reason why be listed here? If so, what might you do to address this?


5.   How to motivate others.  John gave ten ‘best practices’ as to how to motivate others. These are listed below.

For each one, give yourself a rating on a scale of 1 to 10. If 1 were ‘a complete absence of that practice’ and 10 were ‘it couldn’t be done any better’, place yourself on that scale for each practice. Look at the two which scored the least and consider what the next step for each might look like for you and what actions you could take to move toward that step.



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