DCL 6.4 Instruction | Courageous Leadership

Video Presentation: John Hull, President / CEO EQUIP


You have become a courageous leader when the following qualities are evident in your life and minis­try:


1.  Convictions are stronger than fears.

2.  Vision is clearer than doubts.

3.  Spiritual sensitivity is louder than popular opinion.

4.  Self-esteem is deeper than self-protection.

5.  Appreciation for discipline is greater than desire for leisure.

6.  Dissatisfaction is more forceful than the status quo.

7.  Poise is more unshakeable than panic.

8.  Risk-taking is stronger than safety-seeking.

9.  Right actions are more powerful than excuse-making.

10.  A desire to reach potential is greater than a desire to please people.


Biblical Case Study: David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17:19-58)

The Bible states that King Saul and his army “were dismayed and greatly afraid” in the face of Goliath (v. 11). When David visited his older brothers who were soldiers in Saul’s army, he volunteered to fight the huge Philistine. How would he defeat the mighty Goliath? How could he transform the cowardly army into a fighting force that would conquer the seemingly invincible Philistine army? Courage is the key. Because of his courage, David acted differently from King Saul, his brothers and the other soldiers. What was different about David?

1.   His past courageous acts of defeating the lion and the bear.

2.  His conviction that God would fight with him.

3.  His motive to honour the God of Israel.

4.  His confidence in God’s covenant promises.

5.  His attitude that saw Goliath not as an obstacle, but an opportunity.





Do you have the courage to face the truth about areas where you need to change or grow? Are you afraid to take risks? Do you fear failure?


Talk to your spouse or a friend and ask where you most need to change or grow. Don’t defend yourself. Don’t make excuses. It takes courage to seek a truth that may be painful. Then es­tablish a growth plan.

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