DCL 6.4 Instruction | Courage Tests Your Talent

Video Presentation: John Hull, President / CEO EQUIP


People think of courage as a quality required only in times of extreme danger or stress, such as during war or disaster. It is much larger than that. Courage is an everyday virtue that is essential every time we are tested.

To discover, develop and use our talent, we need courage. A great deal of talent is wasted because of the lack of courage. On the other hand, if we display courage, there will be many tests of our courage. Courage will be tested…


1.  When we must face the truth about our own weaknesses. The truth we most need to hear is often what we prefer not to hear.

2.  When doing nothing is more comfortable than changing. We will never take action if we love the comfort zone more than the faith zone.

3.  When our convictions and values are challenged. We cannot really live unless there are things for which we are willing to die.

4.  When taking action will display our weaknesses. We must learn to move forward even when we are most afraid.

5.  When we take the high road even as others are treating us badly. We must learn to treat others better than they treat us.

6.  When leading the way makes us an easy target. We must not allow criticism and personal attacks to stop us.

7.  When we face obstacles in our pathway. Adversity is always the partner of progress.

8.  When we move forward while our friends are retreating. Don’t flow with the crowd; they are usually wrong.


If you desire to become a more courageous person, begin by taking these steps:

1.  Look for courage inside, not outside of yourself.

2.  Grow in courage by doing the right thing instead of the convenient thing.

3.  Take small steps of courage to prepare you for greater ones.

4.  Recognize that a leadership position won’t give you courage. Start developing courage in your daily decisions where you are.



  • What recent failure could you revisit? How could you use courage to tackle the project or situation again with renewed perseverance?

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