DCL 6.4 Inspiration | Courage to Act

Outline of Session

  • “He Will Not Shout”
  • Broken and Empty
  • We Are Called to Serve
  • This Life Belongs to God
  • God is Good


Conference Session by Pranitha Timothy.

(Try and make space to watch this video in one sitting)


1.  Personal Reflection:  Write down the key insight from this session.  What is the one big idea for me in my situation?


2.  Pranitha told powerful stories from her own life experience and her work with International Justice Mission. Share your initial reactions and thoughts about her message.


3.  Pranitha shared three powerful truths:

We are called to serve

This life belongs to God

God is good

  • Which one of these truths resonated most with you? Why?
  • Share your thoughts with your team as you are comfortable.


4.  Pranitha said that she is able to serve with strength and courage because she remembers her life is God’s.

  • Think of a challenge you are facing in which you need courage.
  • How can what Pranitha shared help you in that situation?
  • Share your thoughts with your team, and if you’d like, pray together for strength and courage.


5.  Despite the injustices she witnesses, Pranitha is regularly reminded that God is good.  If you’ve had an experience recently where you were convinced again how good God is, tell your team about it now.

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