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Outline of Session

  • Not On My Watch
  • Michelle’s Background
  • The New Teacher Project
  • Washington D.C. Schools
  • Focusing On Human Capital
  • Creating a Culture
  • Looking For Snap
  • Measuring the Value Added
  • Dealing With Criticism
  • Adding Incrementalism
  • Speaking for Those Who Cannot Speak for Themselves
  • Spiritual Journey


Conference Session by Michelle Rhee.

(Try and make space to watch this video in one sitting)



1.  Personal Reflection:  Write down the key insight from this session that you can personally take away.


2.  Michelle Rhee was unwilling to allow the Washington D.C. school district to continue as the worst performing school system in the US – “not on her watch.”  What issues do you see in your ministry or organisation’s community that make you say…“not on my watch?”  Make a list and write the issues below.


  • As a team choose one issue on the list to focus on.  How would you rank your efforts in confronting the issue?

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  • If you are focusing on the issue, celebrate and continue the work.  If you feel fresh motivation, decide what your next step could be and who the point person is.


3.  Jim and Michelle discussed the values and principles that drove Michelle’s decisions as the Chancellor of the Washington D.C. schools.


  • Select two or three values and principles below.  Spend a few minutes reviewing and then write down what resonates most with you.  How have you used or could you consider putting into practice some of these in your decision making?

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