DCL 3.3 Meditation | Forming Great Relationships

A message by John Ortberg.

Before you listen to this audio take a moment to consider what the term community means to you. What experiences of community have you had for which you are thankful? What words might you use to describe them?

(Try and make space to listen to this session in one sitting)



Achieving is no substitute for community.

Pause for a moment to consider this statement. Where do you believe the greater percentage of your time and energies are being spent at present – toward achieving or investing in community?

Read Genesis 1 and 2 and consider again God’s incredible perspective in that it was not good for man to be alone. That even in man’s perfect, sinless state, with the unbroken presence of God, there was still a ‘human shaped void’ within Adam that need to be addressed by the creation of ‘community’.

You were made for a deep connectedness with both God and people. Take a few moments to assess the strengths of those connections. Thank God for them and if there are any connections which are perhaps slackening at this time, ask God to help you to take any necessary steps to strengthen them again.


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