DCL 3.3 Instruction | Become a Go-To Player

Video Presentation: Tom Atema, VP of International Ministries and Strategic Partnerships, EQUIP

The Law of the Catalyst in The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork states, “Winning teams have players who make things happen.” These team members demonstrate consistent competence, responsibility and dependability. These are the people who will step up and make a difference when it matters most, often when the pressure is greatest. Go-to players gain tremendous influence with the leaders above them. They produce!

1.  They produce when the pressure is on.

2.  They produce when the resources are few.

3.  They produce when the momentum is low.

4.  They produce when the load is heavy.

5.  They produce when everyone is tired.

6.  They produce when the leader is absent.

7.  They produce when the time is limited.


Biblical Case Study: Paul and the Shipwreck (Acts 27:1-44)

As an inmate on a virtual prison ship, Paul began with no influence. By the end of the voyage, however, everyone was listening to him, including the centurion. Paul became the go-to person on that ship. Note how he influenced those above him:

  • He took initiative.
  • He possessed good judgment.
  • He spoke with credibility.
  • He spoke with confidence.
  • He offered encouragement.
  • He modeled a positive attitude.



  • Do you volunteer to help your leader in challenging times and situations?
  • How can you develop as a go-to player for your leader and team?


Other Lead-Up Principles:

  • Be prepared every time you take your leader’s time –  bring ideas and solutions to the table.
  • Know when to push and when to back off – make the right move at the right moment with the right motive.
  • Be better tomorrow than you are today – the key to personal development is being more growth-oriented than goal-oriented.




How well are you practicing the prin­ciples in this lesson? Where are you the weakest?


What steps will you take immediately to improve in your areas of weakness?


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