DCL 6.2 Instruction | Focus Directs Your Talent

Video Presentation: John Hull, President / CEO EQUIP


Watch small children at play, and you will observe that they move from toy to toy and from activity to activity. They don’t focus very long on any object or activity. They expend tremendous amounts of energy but get very little done. That is quite acceptable for small children. Sadly, many leaders do much the same.

Focus is essential for anyone who wants to make the most of his talents. Having talents without focus is like being an octopus on roller skates. There will be lots of movement, but you won’t know in which direction it will be. Talent with focus gives direction for you to reach your potential.


Note some facts about focus:

1.  Focus does not come naturally to most people.

2.  Focus increases your energy.

3.  Focus lifts you.

4.  Focus expands your life.

5.  Focus must be intentionally sustained. 

Remember: The mind doesn’t reach toward achievement until it has clear objectives.


Attempting ev­erything, like attempting nothing, will drain the life out of you.

Success is a process. It takes time. Anytime you are engaged in a process, focus is essential.

The talent-plus person has focus. Here is how you develop focus:

1.  Be intentional – make every action count.

2.  Challenge your excuses.

3.  Don’t let yesterday consume all of your attention.

4.  Focus on the present.

5.  Stay focused on results.

6.  Develop and follow your priorities.

7.  Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses.

8.  Delay rewards until the job is completed.


Remember: You can’t change yesterday, and you can’t count on tomorrow. You can choose what you do today. Giving today your focus will pay dividends tomorrow.



  • What are some specific actions you can take to overcome procrastination? Example: Des­ignate specific timelines in your calendar. Or ask others to help you follow through on your action plan. What will you do?


Biblical Case Study: Jesus (Luke 9: 51-62)

Jesus was focused on His journey to Jerusalem and His sacrificial death at Calvary. Even though He knew the agony and alienation that awaited Him in Jerusalem, He “set His face to go to Jerusalem.” He would not permit anyone or anything to detour Him from His mission to Planet Earth. Observe the following about His focus:

1.  It could be seen in His face.

2.  It could be seen in the preparation for His journey.

3.  It could be seen in His commitment to His life purpose.

4.  It could be seen in His resolve to complete His God-given mission.




Do you spend a large amount of your time thinking about the past? Do you spend a significant amount of time day­dreaming about tomorrow? Are you sure that ninety percent of your energy is focused on today?


What can you give up that is keeping your life out of focus? What specific steps can you take to focus more on your strengths in reaching your God-given dream?

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