DCL 3.2 Instruction | The Vision Challenge

Video Presentation: Todd Mullins, Lead Pastor, Christ Fellowship, Florida

If you are to become a highly effective 360 Degree Leader, you must become the champion of a vision other than your own. In fact, the reality is that all the people in an organisation other than the top leader are going to be asked to fulfil a vision they didn’t generate. Vision begins with one person, but it is accomplished by many people.

Middle level leaders sometimes respond negatively when the top leaders cast vision and attempt to enlist them to fulfil the vision. Sometimes middle level leaders even attack and criticise the vision for one or more of the following reasons:

1.  They didn’t help create it.

2.  They don’t understand it.

3.  They don’t agree with it.

4.  They feel unneeded to achieve it.

5.  They aren’t ready for it.


Truly effective and fulfilled 360 Degree Leaders embrace and champion the vision of the senior leaders. They add value to the vision so it becomes their own vision. They do four things exceedingly well:

1.  Place the organisation’s needs before their needs.

2.  Help keep the vision before the people.

3.  Understand their roles in seeing the dream become reality.

4.  Stay focused on the vision.


Biblical Case Study: The Apostle Paul’s Associates (Acts 9:1-30, 11:25, 13:1-29:30)

Paul received a God-given vision to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Gentile world. Barnabas, Silas, Timothy, John Mark and others embraced and championed the vision. They invested their lives in Paul’s dream because:

1.  The dream was from God.

2.  It was compelling in size and scope.

3.  It was of eternal importance.

4.  It would change the world.

5.  It was important enough to live for.

6.  It was important enough to die for.



  • Can you clearly and positively communicate the vision of your organisation to the people around you? How can you champion the vision?


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