DCL 6.1 Inspiration | The Kiva Story

Outline of Session

  • Jessica’s Story
  • The Creation of KIVA
  • How KIVA Works
  • Seeing the Results
  • KIVA’s Growth
  • KIVA as an Organisation
  • Assuring Alignment
  • Innovation
  • Lessons in Giving
  • The Future of KIVA
  • Challenges to Leaders


Conference Session by Jessica Jackley.

(Try and make space to watch this video in one sitting)



1. Personal Reflection: Write down the key insight from this session that you can personally take away.


2.  KIVA’s leadership works hard to keep the organisation’s mission and purpose at the forefront of everything they do. As a result, KIVA thrives as an open, decentralised organisation with a culture that generates innovation and creativity.

Write your church, ministry or organisation’s mission statement.


3.  Jessica shared that KIVA turned away donations when those funds did not align with their mission. When considering new ideas or opportunities, how rigorous is your organisation at staying on mission?

  • Thinking through the activities and programmes of your church, ministry or organisation, discuss which you think are aligned with your mission and purpose. List them on a flipchart.


  • Based on your conversation, is there anything your church, ministry or organisation is currently doing that you need to stop doing? Discuss your ideas on the flipchart.


4.  KIVA has a philosophy of co-creation, where everyone shares in shaping the vision and direction of the organisation. They cultivate an environment that allows everyone’s voice to matter – allowing the best ideas to “win” and not who’s in charge. But to do this, the leadership has to give up some control.


  • Does your church, ministry or organisation have more of a top-down leadership structure or a de-centralised, low-control leadership structure? How does this structure impact your functions? Record your team’s response on flipchart


  • Looking at your teams response, are there any steps you’d like to see your church, ministry or organisation take? If so, discuss and write them on your flipchart.


5.  Jessica challenges young leaders to take small steps and to begin taking action on an idea. She challenges experienced leaders to co-create, collaborate, and diversify with new leaders and ideas. Look at the chart. Consider which classifies you, and then respond to the questions.


Young Leaders

  • How can you start small?


  • What actions can you take now?


Experienced Leaders

  • How do you respond to ideas from young leaders?


  • What can you do to be more open to new ideas?

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