Do I Really Want a Friendless Life?


Thirty years ago, I mentioned this this morning, there came this moment of real criticality. One of the things I did during that period of time was to ask myself the question, ‘do I want to live life during the next years the way I’ve been living it over the previous years? Do I want to live an essentially friendless life where I know a lot of people but I really don’t know them and they really don’t know me? And it was during that time thirty years ago that I deliberately set out, Gail and I talked about this over and over again as she was the expert, I was the learner, How can I go and find a few men that I can draw to myself and where we can develop friendships that are very, very, powerful?

And I quickly came to realise that you don’t do that overnight, it takes sometimes several years to create a special F friendship but I was going to give it my best, I was going to do it. And now as I stand before you thirty years later I can tell you I have six friends, men who easily qualify for whatever capital F friendship stands for. These are the men who will call me next week when I get home from the UK and want to know how this day has gone and how other days have gone. These are the men who will assure me that all during this time they’ve been praying for me, they’re standing with me all the way. They want to know what God did in these meetings. And so they will be on the line very quickly when I get home to know how this all went. They’ll be sending me emails this week as the time goes by, ‘How are you doing? Those Brit’s are not being too hard on you are they?!’ They’ll say stuff like that, and maybe some things I won’t share with you!

This lesson was recorded at the ‘Talk Like a Father’ Seminar with Gordon MacDonald – Stafford 2016


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Seminar Feedback
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“Kerith church were fantastic hosts as usual of another brilliant event. There was nothing lacking in the area of comfort and the speaker was spot on. Good job done.”

Jackie Faerber, Talk Like A Father Seminar – Bracknell 2016
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“Gordon MacDonald was truly inspiring – and the whole day was a great learning and networking time… thank you!”

Sue Wood, Solihull Christian Fellowship, Talk Like a Father Seminar, Stafford 2016