From Here to There – Coaching Session

TRANSCRIPT: From Here to There

But when you talk about the general subject matter of leadership and people say, “Well what is that really? What is leadership? Does that mean, you know, controlling people? Does leadership mean you’re the boss and everybody has to do what you say? What is it in its essence? What is leadership in its essence?”

I define it the same way, I have for years, leadership is moving people from ‘here’ to where? ‘There’. Yep you’ve heard it. You’re moving people from ‘here’ to ‘there’. Teachers are trying to move people’s minds, okay. Leaders are actually trying to move people, move activity, catalyse behaviours to initiate movement to get people to go from ‘here’ to ‘there’.

Now the big discovery that I made a couple years ago after having done this wrong for two decades at least is, what we normally want to do if we realise our church needs to go in a new direction, what we normally want to do is stand up in front of the church and say, “Hey church, I got great news for you. Starting next week we’re going to move ‘there’! Okay”. And the church goes, “You’re really excited about that. You’re telling us, you’ve been living in that world. We’re hearing this for the first time”. They all ask the same question when you say, “Hey, we’re going to go ‘there’.” They all ask the same question at the same time. They go, “What’s the matter with ‘here’?” “We live ‘here’, we like ‘here’…we’re comfortable ‘here’. You are excited about ‘there’, we’re not!”

You see, and this has happened to me, again for decades. So I would describe where ‘there’ was, sense people didn’t want to go and so the next week I would describe with even greater enthusiasm and greater passion how wonderful it’s going to be to get ‘there’. People crossed their arms, “No! We’re still going to stay ‘here’, we like it ‘here’! We’ve driven stakes in the ground ‘here’!” Finally after decades I realised something absolutely fundamental, again if you’ve heard this bear with me, I’m only going to spend a few minutes on it. Before you ever try to move people ‘there’, even if ‘there’ is necessary and wonderful and biblical and all that. You’ve got to create an air-tight case for why you cannot stay ‘here’! Why it’s unbiblical, why it’s unwise, why it’s indefensible, why it’s inconceivable, you have to just build this whole case. “We can’t stay ‘here’!” And when people are totally convinced, we cannot stay ‘here’, they…” ”Where shall we go then pastor?” And you go, “Well, we could go ‘there’…“ And they all want to go because they can’t stay ‘here’.

And so many of you are going to get some great ideas from this conference or you’re going to build some relationships with someone who’s a little ahead of you in leadership, and you’re going to get some ideas about how your church could move ‘there’. Be careful when you get those ideas. Don’t stand up next Sunday and announce that you’re going ‘there’, no matter how tempting it is… you take your time, you build an air-tight case why you can no longer stay ‘here’ and then people will be ready to move ‘there’. Yes?!

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