Building A Multi-Generational Church – Coaching Session


We want to be a multi-generational church and I really do believe that the vision for this has to come from the heart of the senior pastor. If the senior pastor mainly wants to talk to old people everyone will get the signal, and if the senior pastor mainly wants to be a hipster and wears pants too tight and you know freak his hair out and all that kind of stuff and he wants to reach that generation, there’s a whole bunch of people would just go ‘okay. got it dude, I know what you’re trying to do’. But if a pastor really loves all the generations and the congregation knows, can tell by the demeanor, by the illustrations, by just the way of the heart of the pastor then all the generations will say, ‘I think he’s on my team, I think he’s rooting for me or I think she’s rooting for me’. So I think it starts in the heart of the pastor, second it continues with who you put up on stage. If you say you’re concerned about the twenty-something’s and there’s no one under 60 on your stage the message is too loud! I don’t care what you say… music style all of these things, decorations around the church, decor I should say, all of those things kind of speak into ‘is my generation valued?’

So one thrill that I have in ministry these days as you know both Todd and Shauna my children are quite involved in the church and they’re talking to me about generational stuff all the time and they have younger friends who talk to me about you know their generation. We had a consultant in a while back, in fact he’s coming in again next week, he’s an H R consultant that I really admire but he presented data to our executive team about a year ago, no half a year ago and that validated the fact that millennials and others of the younger generations basically want the same kinds of stuff at work, the same kind of management at work than people of the other generations. In other words you go, ‘well you know these people are so different they want to bring their cats to work and they want to play ping pong and all that’. Our younger staff are fired up! We have to talk more about work-family balance than we do ping pong in the office. I mean they… when they believe in a cause our younger staff are just totally devoted and will work alongside the boomer generation, buster generation, whatever you want to say. So… but to have that validated through hard data was kind of encouraging to me.

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