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The Global Leadership Summit 2018 videocast is making an impact around the UK & Ireland.
The below charts represent a 20% response rate.

Delegate endorsements
GLS Blue Mountain

“I went to GLS18 feeling that in the light of events this might be my last. I came away with renewed enthusiasm, renewed vision, transferable leadership skills learnt and more determined than ever to pursue God’s purposes in my life. Definitely not my last GLS!”

Martin Saxby, Rugby Elim, GLS Milton Keynes 2018
GLS Blue Mountain

“For me the GLS is one of the first things that goes in my diary for the coming year. It never fails to challenge, to stimulate and to encourage not just me but the whole team. Looking forwards to 2019 already!”

Edward Hobbs, St Andrew’s Cullompton, GLS Bristol 2018
GLS Blue Mountain

“Every year as GLS approaches I wonder if I have the time and capacity to go. And every year I come away encouraged and inspired with practical action steps to assist me to move forward in my life as a disciple and in my day-to-day work. For me GLS has become an essential part of my year.”

Sunil Raheja, All Souls Langham Place, GLS London Battersea 2018
GLS Blue Mountain

“I attended the GLS at Cheltenham. I was so very pleased that I did. My husband works in finance and I always think of the Summit as being more suitable for him. I work as a Christian Counsellor and actually it was just as relevant to me. There were many thought provoking moments and much insight to be gathered. Much reassurance given about our mistakes being learning curves and opportunities for growth. Particularly humbling to hear about the risks taken by Pastors in countries where this sort of thing is not encouraged. We are so fortunate. A reminder to not take all that is available for granted. Thank you all for making this teaching so accessible to all.”

Maria Redman, GLS Cheltenham 2018
GLS Blue Mountain

“GLS 2018 was relentlessly inspiring and challenging.”

Steve Potts, Justact, GLS Cambridge 2018
GLS Blue Mountain

“This is an event in my diary every year since my first time 4 years ago and this year was so great I don’t see that changing in the future!”

Felicia Ansah, Streatham Baptist Church, GLS London Battersea 2018
GLS Blue Mountain

“As usual this year was an inspiring couple of days. The blend of speakers, content and teaching styles was fantastic. There was something for everyone and Christ was honoured.”

Peter Yarr, Thriving Life Church, GLS Belfast 2018
GLS Blue Mountain

“This is my 14th GLS. It was the best yet!”

Heddwyn Williams, Children of Hope, GLS Bristol 2018
GLS Blue Mountain

“I was impressed with the high quality of the speakers and made far too many notes! Putting all this challenging leadership teaching in the context of worship and prayer made this a very impactful two days for me.”

Colin Lowther, Reach Beyond, GLS Cambridge 2018
GLS Blue Mountain

“Doing justice to the Global Leadership Summit with mere words seems like an impossible task, but I will try. The first thing to say is that I couldn’t wait to leave the conference. This may seem strange given how amazing it was but the reason I wanted to leave so much was that I was left inspired and full of wisdom to go out and change our world for the better. How did this happen? Well, every sentence, every word and every point made by the speakers was gold dust. Everything meant something. The GLS team served relentlessly and sitting with like-minded individuals often with different perspectives simultaneously managed to challenge me and excite me. I couldn’t recommend the GLS more highly.”

Christopher Kerr, Davitt Jones Bould Ltd, GLS Bristol 2018


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