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Overcoming Downturns – Bill Hybels

Main points
  • Some horrible things have happened in churches in the US e.g. shootings where people were murdered on their campus; tornadoes that have flattened the building and killed parishioners
  • When you have an organisational ‘code red’ like that, you don’t just put on the right face and go into work the following morning like nothing happened
  • The general rule of thumb is you’re always trying to match your response with the seriousness of the calamity
  • The more serious the calamity, the more you have to be present and grieve and shake every hand – your presence is everything in the middle of a really, really, bad situation
  • You can’t pretend this wasn’t a horrible calamity – you match your reaction to the crisis and your plan out of the crisis by the seriousness of it, and by whether or not you can help the church move along at a reasonable rate
  • Someone was sitting right in one of these front rows a few years back and the senior pastor that preceded him had done a horrible thing and the whole church was grieving
  • The young man said, ‘half of my church is stuck and wants to grieve more the loss of their beloved senior pastor and the other half is like I want to move on…’
  • Well, now you’re talking about a discernment issue of saying, ‘all right, can we move on and how quickly can we move on?’
  • My suggestion to that pastor was to begin the process of moving on but provide on a Thursday night or Tuesday night, ‘say, hey those of you who are having a hard time and you’re stuck and you don’t know if you can move on, come to the chapel on Tuesday night and let’s talk about it and pray about it a little more.’
  1. This impacted me because ___
  2. I am going to take away ___

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