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GLS 2017 Feedback


The GLS 2017 is underway and making a positive impact on pastors and leaders around the country. Here’s some of the latest feedback:

GLS Blue Mountain

This Summit drew closer to the heart of Christian Leadership than any other.

Revd Gwyn Owen, Christ The Servant, Stockwood, GLS Chicago 2017
GLS Blue Mountain

We as a mission team attended in St Mark’s Battersea… [it] was really like a window opening to fresh ways of thinking.

Robert Musgrave, Providence House, GLS London Battersea 2017
GLS Blue Mountain

Some conferences are inspiring and I come away feeling very excited but not always sure what to do! GLS was very inspiring but I also have an action plan. Inspiring, intelligent and instructional.

Steve Campbell, Senior Pastor, C3 Cambridge, GLS Chicago 2017
GLS Blue Mountain

It was a great experience and so encouraging to see a mix of religious and secular thinkers sharing their insight for the benefit of all involved.

Ben Evans, Bristol Diocese, GLS Chicago 2017
GLS Blue Mountain

Every year as it gets closer to the summit, I find myself busy and start asking myself if I really have the time and energy to go. And each time God surprises and blesses me with content that is directly applicable to what I am currently going through.

Sunil Raheja, Logos Medicolegal, GLS London Battersea 2017
GLS Blue Mountain

I thought this was an excellent conference. The input was as challenging as it was terrific. Every year the GLS offers something new and stimulating. After many years of visiting the Summit, it proved yet again to be an unmissable event.

Mike Hill, Bishop of Bristol, GLS Chicago 2017
GLS Blue Mountain

Each year the GLS offers new ways to think about how you lead in whatever situation you are in – whether it’s business or church. I found I was challenged this year by what sort of leader people may consider me to be and I really enjoyed how many excellent women speakers there were. 

Beth Walford, Bishop’s Stortford Baptist Church, GLS Chicago 2017
GLS Blue Mountain

The conference has shown me the importance of the ‘pause’ and to listen to God’s voice in where he wants us to lead. In this particular instance, not to be too focused on my business (for now), but to look at the ‘home’, to lead my children, the next generation, to inspire them and to plant those seeds. Thank you for a fantastic conference.

Michelle Beer, Ferry Cake Marketing and PR, GLS Swansea 2017