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GLS 2017 Feedback


The GLS 2017 is underway and making a positive impact on pastors and leaders around the country. Here’s some of the latest feedback:

GLS Blue Mountain

This conference has given me two things: 1.)Leadership development for myself, a growth in confidence, that will potentially develop the leadership in others and so the direction of the church. 2.) Potential to see a vision for (a) creativity in influencing the work and ministry of others beyond the local level (b) further development in impacting nationally, and perhaps even internationally, with regard to issues of social justice and persecution.

Rev Sue Thomas, St John the Evangelist Old Coulsdon, GLS London Battersea 2017
GLS Blue Mountain

The speakers from Saturday’ event have inspired me to be less fearful and become more fearless.

Samuel Allport, Chowdene Community Church, GLS Newcastle 2017
GLS Blue Mountain

Each year the GLS offers new ways to think about how you lead in whatever situation you are in – whether it’s business or church. I found I was challenged this year by what sort of leader people may consider me to be and I really enjoyed how many excellent women speakers there were. 

Beth Walford, Bishop’s Stortford Baptist Church, GLS Chicago 2017
GLS Blue Mountain

Reassurance is vital in helping me to stay on track. When an initiative occurs to me it is like a red hot fire; to consider ignoring this, I believe, would cause me to die. Please do keep on doing what you are good at. Even elderly women with ideas need to know they are doing the right thing in the community they live in.

Maureen Hume, Camberley Alzheimer Café Coordinator, GLS Bracknell 2017
GLS Blue Mountain

I loved being at the GLS with the team from our church. We were inspired, challenged and motivated. I loved the balance between real life, practical leadership lessons that I could apply in my own life and the life of our church and the inspiring, visionary content that encouraged us to dream big. Thank you!

Chris Porter, Andover Baptist Church, GLS Southampton 2017
GLS Blue Mountain

I found the stories of people who had made a real difference and triumphed in the face of adversity so inspiring and they will remain with me as they have from last year.

Susan Glover, Community Church Killingworth, GLS Newcastle 2017
GLS Blue Mountain

I thought this was an excellent conference. The input was as challenging as it was terrific. Every year the GLS offers something new and stimulating. After many years of visiting the Summit, it proved yet again to be an unmissable event.

Mike Hill, Bishop of Bristol, GLS Chicago 2017
GLS Blue Mountain

By the end of Bill Hybel’s opening address, I knew that I had justified the outlay for attendance right there! Point after point had me saying ‘yep!’ Every point had direct application to me, either in my own walk with God, my personal influence as a father and grandfather or in the leadership and mentorship of others in my voluntary organisation role.

Andrew Mills, Vineyard Church, GLS St Albans 2017