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GLS 2017 Feedback


The GLS 2017 is underway and making a positive impact on pastors and leaders around the country. Here’s some of the latest feedback:

GLS Blue Mountain

Once again the GLS managed to inspire, encourage and challenge. Wherever and whatever you’re leading there will be something for you, your team and your organisation that will help you become a better leader – don’t miss it!

Simon Kirby, Vicar, St Mary’s Cogges, GLS Chicago 2017
GLS Blue Mountain

The speakers from Saturday’ event have inspired me to be less fearful and become more fearless.

Samuel Allport, Chowdene Community Church, GLS Newcastle 2017
GLS Blue Mountain

By the end of Bill Hybel’s opening address, I knew that I had justified the outlay for attendance right there! Point after point had me saying ‘yep!’ Every point had direct application to me, either in my own walk with God, my personal influence as a father and grandfather or in the leadership and mentorship of others in my voluntary organisation role.

Andrew Mills, Vineyard Church, GLS St Albans 2017
GLS Blue Mountain

I took my team for the first time and it was the best thing to do. We now have an opportunity that key members have received exceptional leadership training and are now able to apply it together… Amazing two days.

Lisa Hector, Link to Hope, GLS Southampton 2017
GLS Blue Mountain

Every year as it gets closer to the summit, I find myself busy and start asking myself if I really have the time and energy to go. And each time God surprises and blesses me with content that is directly applicable to what I am currently going through.

Sunil Raheja, Logos Medicolegal, GLS London Battersea 2017
GLS Blue Mountain

It was a great experience and so encouraging to see a mix of religious and secular thinkers sharing their insight for the benefit of all involved.

Ben Evans, Bristol Diocese, GLS Chicago 2017
GLS Blue Mountain

I left the venue having thoroughly enjoyed GLS and with significant new insights and a renewed sense of purpose.

Tim Mitchell, Healthy Churches Development Mentor, GLS Stafford 2017
GLS Blue Mountain

I go away challenged, uplifted and inspired.

Terry Puttick, London City Mission, GLS London Battersea 2017