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GLS 2016 Feedback


The GLS 2016 is underway and making a positive impact on pastors and leaders around the country. Here’s some of the latest feedback:

GLS Blue Mountain

“You have to make time to be inspired, challenged, to reflect, to move forward – that’s what the GLS manages to do over 2 days. Truly amazing year this year.”

Sheila Taylor, Hope Trust, GLS Cambridge 2016
GLS Blue Mountain

“This was another brilliant GLS conference. I’m so inspired to make changes to how I lead my team and also can impact other teams that I am part of. It’s so good to hear from so many very gifted people who look at leadership in different ways.”

Sally Sutton, Upton Vale Baptist Church, GLS Plymouth 2016
GLS Blue Mountain

“Inspiring worship, encouraging sharing stories with friends. Wonderful hospitality. A memorable quote I left with is to seek to go out and make ‘connections rather than corrections’ with people I meet in ministry.”

John Monaghan, Corston with Rodbourne Malmesbury, GLS Bristol 2016
GLS Blue Mountain

“I found the course refreshingly practical and down to earth with plenty of useful tips and suggestions backed up by data and information. I really enjoyed it – the speakers were exciting, not a single one could be described as dull!”

Eunice Benjamin, Jesus House London, GLS St Albans 2016
GLS Blue Mountain

“The content of this year’s GLS was deeply challenging and wonderfully inspiring – top speakers with not a weaker one among them, and great films from around the world. Thank you.”

Pam Macnaughton, CPAS, GLS Witney 2016
GLS Blue Mountain

“I really enjoyed the two day event again. This was just my second GLS and I must say I am already looking forward to next year’s. This year’s speakers were great.”

Martina Lewis, Diocese of Bristol, GLS Bristol 2016