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GLS 2016 Feedback


The GLS 2016 is underway and making a positive impact on pastors and leaders around the country. Here’s some of the latest feedback:

GLS Blue Mountain

“Following my attendance at the 2016 Global Summit I came away with a new and different understanding of the true and essential elements that differentiate a leader from a manager. I am now much more clearly focused on the significance of watching, learning and emulating the great examples I have seen. The single greatest lesson I took from the Summit was that the most powerful moral influence I can bring to the world is example and from that comes responsibility.
It was a great event.”

Graham White, The Salvation Army, Ireland DHQ, GLS Belfast 2016
GLS Blue Mountain

“Inspiring stories and helpful tips on leadership.”

John Rosedale, Saddleworth Team, GLS Bolton 2016
GLS Blue Mountain

“Always inspiring and life changing.”

Sharon Yarr, Holywood Parish Church, GLS Belfast 2016
GLS Blue Mountain

“My expectations for the GLS were very high as the line-up was very impressive. I must say after attending, the GLS blew these expectations out of the water. The talks were all exceptional and I learnt a great deal. I would highly recommend attending to all people.”

Melissa Cullen, Community Church, GLS Cambridge 2016
GLS Blue Mountain

“The summit is a “must do date” in my diary each autumn. The investment of the time in a busy schedule is never a disappointment. Each year without fail I leave with fresh insights and practical tools to apply to my own situation. The blend of commercial and spiritual leaders offers balance and perspective that I find motivating.”

Caroline Bradley, Care for the Family, GLS Belfast 2016
GLS Blue Mountain

“It was a great event and a real encouragement to me.”

Rick Woodward, Bessels Green Baptist Church, GLS Bracknell 2016