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GLS 2016 Feedback


The GLS 2016 is underway and making a positive impact on pastors and leaders around the country. Here’s some of the latest feedback:

GLS Blue Mountain

“It is by far the most influential and productive time I have spent attending any such similar type of event. The quality of the teaching from the sessions was incredible and it was so evident that, through these summits, the world is being changed for the better by God. In such a busy world where life is run at such a frenetic pace and time is of a premium – this was the greatest and single most influential investment I could have made.”

Carl Gunn, The Salvation Army, GLS Stafford 2016
GLS Blue Mountain

“I come back year after year to GLS and am challenged and fed both spiritually and from a leadership perspective. Thank you.”

Mary Backhouse, Holy Trinity Nailsea, GLS Bristol 2016
GLS Blue Mountain

“GLS was amazing; even better than last year! For me, the greatest thing was the inspiration and encouragement to keep on keeping on. The teaching, as always was phenomenal; the hospitality team welcoming and efficient; the worship team did an excellent job too.”

Cath Thomson, The Salvation Army, GLS Stirling 2016
GLS Blue Mountain

“I really enjoyed the two days of the Summit. One of the most powerful aspects was the grander vision stories of how ordinary people have brought about change in their lives and those of other people. All the speakers, and the venue, were great as usual; so well organised and helpful. Great worship beautifully led and hosted. Kerith is a great place.”

Rev Vanessa Rye, Didcot Baptist Church, GLS Bracknell 2016
GLS Blue Mountain

“Loved it! I have come to rely on the GLS for leadership development – I am given amazing access to some of the world’s best leaders and I greatly value it. Thank you!”

Su Johnston, Curate, St Mary’s Church, GLS London-Battersea 2016
GLS Blue Mountain

“Best Saturday spent this whole year – loved Bill Hybels’ message and wow – blown away by John Maxwell – living intentionally. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of it.”

Amanda Prout, Kerith Community Church, GLS Bracknell 2016