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GLS 2016 Feedback


The GLS 2016 is underway and making a positive impact on pastors and leaders around the country. Here’s some of the latest feedback:

GLS Blue Mountain

“This was my third year. I thought it was fantastic, I particularly enjoyed Erin, Danielle and Travis’ talks, but all of them were good. I thought the hospitality and location were excellent as always… for me each year has been so inspiring, challenging and thought provoking that the GLS now feels like a vital part of my ongoing development as a leader.”

Andy Bond, Curate, Holy Trinity Beckenham, GLS London-Battersea 2016
GLS Blue Mountain

“I really enjoyed the summit and found it to be very helpful in both the course of my work and in my own life. Working for a faith based organisation, it can be easy to feel that other people do not appreciate our particular challenges; to hear inspirational speakers who have faced these very issues is up lifting and inspiring. Thank you to everyone who makes this great event possible.”

Margaret Doyle, Centre Manager, The Salvation Army Granby Centre, GLS Dublin 2016
GLS Blue Mountain

“It is by far the most influential and productive time I have spent attending any such similar type of event. The quality of the teaching from the sessions was incredible and it was so evident that, through these summits, the world is being changed for the better by God. In such a busy world where life is run at such a frenetic pace and time is of a premium – this was the greatest and single most influential investment I could have made.”

Carl Gunn, The Salvation Army, GLS Stafford 2016
GLS Blue Mountain

“Wow! This was my first time at a GLS and I found it enormously challenging and encouraging. The
talks were of a very high international standard by people who have ‘been there, done that and got the t-shirt’.”

Rhett Parkinson, Armed Forces Christian Union, GLS Witney 2016
GLS Blue Mountain

“This was the first year I have been at the 1-Day event. As I had hoped, it delivered what I consider to be probably the best of the GLS in a very intensive but cost and time effective package. It was great being able to take some of the key members of my team and have some really productive discussions with them based on the material we had just watched. I definitely hope to be there next year!”

Andrew Mackie, St Mary’s Purley, GLS Bracknell 2016
GLS Blue Mountain

“I come back year after year to GLS and am challenged and fed both spiritually and from a leadership perspective. Thank you.”

Mary Backhouse, Holy Trinity Nailsea, GLS Bristol 2016