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GLS 2015 Session Recap

A week or two on from the GLS 2015, how are things going for you? Here are some quick reminders of what we learned this year: In SESSION 1, Bill Hybels asked how gritty we are. Do we have any blind spots? What do we do when we don’t know what to do?! Do we […]

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Thanks for the Feedback – Suzy Williamson

Dear Friends This year’s GLS was great.  I left encouraged, motivated, stretched and challenged.  It was a valuable reminder of the responsibility of leadership and the value of continually learning. The sessions taught will be ones that I’ll continue to come back to over coming years.  As with previous years I have found that one session particularly captured […]

GLS 2015 Team Edition USB Cover
GLS 2015 Team Edition USB – FAQs

  The GLS 2015 TE USB includes TWO methods of viewing the GLS 2015 sessions: USB card Online streaming at digitalteamedition.com until 31 December 2018. (Access code provided.) (Note, you do NOT need to insert the USB card in order to access the online streaming. The instructions on the inside cover of the set refer only to the […]

2015 Speaker Lineup
GLS 2015 – Prepare Yourself

Dear Friends Excitement is mounting at GLS venues around the country. Facilities are being prepared. Registrations are being processed. Resources are being stocked. Volunteers are being trained. Technology is being tested. Prayers are being prayed that God will show up again this year – as He always does. In the midst of all that is […]

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Ministry is Tough But So Rewarding – Paul Beasley-Murray

Ministry can be tough.  Most pastors go through at least one bad experience in ministry – and sadly many fall out of ministry. I have just returned from Australia, where there are as many ex-pastors as there are pastors. But has ministry not always been tough?  In my funeral instructions I have suggested that the […]

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Ideas Worth Spreading

Dear Friends Have you seen the new GLSnext app? If I’m honest, it has something of the TED feel about it, but this is not a bad thing because TED is brilliant; it is inspiring in its concept and delivery, and millions have benefitted. You have to take your hat off to the WCA for the vision and […]

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This and That

A copy of our quarterly letter to WCA UK/IRE Members: Dear Friends I hope this finds you in good health and spirit. ‘Remember the Sherlock Holmes mystery when a crime was solved because a dog who should have barked didn’t? Only Sherlock Holmes noticed the significance of the silence and made the important conclusion.’ Intrigued? Then turn to […]

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Emotional Survival – James Emery White

I was having coffee with a fellow pastor who needed more than caffeine to pick himself up. Summer attendance was down. Key people were leaving because of disagreements about the direction of the church. And money was very, very tight. I felt nothing but empathy. Yep, been there, felt that. “Jim,” he said, “I knew […]