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Jesus. Jesus. Jesus – Suzy Williamson

I love when the Bible comes fully alive to me.  I love underlining and making notes and flipping back through the pages to references and quotes made.  I love the Bible coming alive in me and the clarity of thought that comes with it: “this is what following Jesus looks like so why would I […]

Sheila Heen
Sensitive or Stone-Cold Stoic? Getting to Know Sheila Heen

A re-post from the WCA blog. Sheila Heen, founder of the Triad Consulting Group and Faculty at Harvard Law School, will be joining us for the 2015 Summit. Sheila has taught courses on Negotiation at Harvard for two decades, specializing in helping organizations work through their most difficult conflicts. William Ury (TGLS 2012), founder of the […]

Ed Catmull
The Hungry Beast and the Ugly Baby: Ed Catmull

A re-post from the WCA blog. We are thrilled that Ed Catmull, the Co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios and President of Walt Disney Animation Studios, will be joining us at the 2015 Summit for a leadership interview with Bill Hybels. Ed was a pioneer in the field of computer graphics for the motion picture industry. In […]

Liz Wiseman
Liz Wiseman on The Difference Between Coaching Rookies and Veterans

A re-post from the WCA blog. The Willow Creek Association is pleased to announce that Liz Wiseman, President of the Wiseman Group and Best-selling Author, will be returning to The Global Leadership Summit in 2015. Her previous Summit talk, Multipliers, was one of the most memorable talks from the GLS 2013. Since then, she has been […]

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Work Flow

It wasn’t the best GLS session, but it made its mark. For some, his style got in the way; they found him dull or boring and shifted in their seats wondering how he’d qualified for this prestigious stage. He seemed to slow the flow of the Summit. Admittedly, he wasn’t dynamic. Why then was I […]

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What Do People Think of Christianity? Response – Michael Harvey

I am really grateful for the survey by Will Bissett on the perceptions of the Christian faith held by those on the fringes. It has highlighted some real hope for the church. I am particularly impressed with Will’s determination to invite people on the outskirts of the church into a conversation about Christianity. I was […]

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Ask Them – Suzy Williamson

Every once in a while something grabs my attention in such a way that no matter how hard I try to shake it, it stays. It comes back again and again and again. It changes me in the best possible way. It is not always an instant life altering change, although sometimes it is. But […]

Ministry Challenge: Growing a Church Through a Building Project – Phil Cole

WCA UK & Ireland Member Survey: Q1 Please can you share a ministry challenge that you have worked through in recent years? Growing a church through a building project and moving towards having two services. When I first muted going to two services it received quite a negative reaction, so we paused and started from […]

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Skin Care

I remember running a Willow stand at the annual Elim Leadership Conference a number of years ago, and Mark Greene was on stage asking us to Imagine Church. I thought it was an engaging talk and important to hear. As we left the auditorium, I overheard one delegate remark to another how it had made […]