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Dear Friends, I was privileged to attend a coaching session with Bill Hybels the other week when a number of church leaders had the opportunity of questioning Bill about their leadership challenges. Towards the end of the session, Bill talked about total devotion and what he said reminded me of these words from Philippians: So […]

Gordon MacDonald seminars - 9 and 13 February
Talk Like a Father – Seminar Update

Last week Will Salmon contacted Gordon to see how his preparations for the ‘Talk Like a Father’ gatherings were going. Here’s Gordon’s response:   I am fresh from the seminary class room where (8 hours a day) I’ve been involved with a cohort of pastors in their mid-forties who are working on their Doctor of Ministries […]

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The Resilient Life – Part 1

Gordon MacDonald and Bill Hybels with Nancy Beach Defining Moments episode, 2006   Summary What does it mean to live a Resilient Life? And what impact does resilience, or the lack of it, have on your life and ministry? Gordon MacDonald joins Bill Hybels and host, Nancy Beach for this issue of Defining Moments. Gordon […]

Are You Having Fun?

Photo Credit: Joe St.Pierre, Creative Commons Are you having fun? It’s a question I heard Bill Hybels mention that he sometimes asks of staff members. Fun?! It’s not always the first word that springs to mind in the midst of a busy, must-do schedule. But from his tone of voice, you could tell Bill was […]

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Drivenness and Passion – Part 2

Exerpt from Gordon MacDonald’s Ordering Your Private World seminar, 2003.       Question: So would you see drivenness as an element of passion? Because you can be passionate about something and therefore you’re driven to achieve it and passion is a gift from God. Answer: We’re fooling with words here and that’s why you’ll […]

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Drivenness and Passion – Part 1

Exerpt from Gordon MacDonald’s Ordering Your Private World seminar, 2003.       Question: Is there a good to drivenness and if we didn’t have driven people would we have some of the organisations we have? Answer: We wouldn’t have some of the organisations we have. In fact I’ll go further than you were going…my […]

When Your Vision is Unclear

Notes from WCA Defining Moments episode, Taking Your Next Step of Leadership, with Bill Hybels and Jeff Lockyer.  What do you do when you’re not clear on your vision? What usually precedes vision is noticing something that bothers you. Start by noticing the things around you that are different from what you desire for your situation […]

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Making a Difference

A copy of our quarterly letter to WCA UK/IRE Members: Dear Friends A couple of weeks ago I chatted with a pastor who mentioned how he was using what he had learned from the GLS in his community and how it was making a difference. Then just last week I picked up a thought-provoking photojournalism book […]

Creativity, Inc.
Offers and Events

Dear Friends In the run-up to Christmas, we have some great GLS resource offers for you and your team. Also, looking ahead to 2016, we have gatherings with Bill Hybels and Gordon MacDonald, plus you can now book for the GLS 2016 at Willow Creek – see below. All the very best The WCA UK & […]

GLS Chicago
GLS 2015 Feedback

An eye opening and heart stopping leadership challenge that struck to the core of church leadership. No one could have shared in the event without being motivated to look again at what, why and how their leadership adds to the Kingdom of God. Graham White, GLS Belfast Once again a stimulating and encouraging time receiving […]