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Every Day’s a Day at School

Dear Friends Well here we are on the verge of the autumn term, a new beginning for the children in our churches as they move on up in school. Within the familiar routine there will be wonderful opportunities for learning and growth as well as potential challenges and distractions also; new knowledge, new friendships, new rivalries […]

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GLS 2015 Chicago Feedback

UK/IRE delegates who attended GLS Chicago – August 2015 Once again the GLS has inspired and equipped me to lead better. The quality of input was excellent and the impact on all those around me palpable. You can invite anyone to this event and be confident that it will be a stand out experience guaranteed! Rev […]


  Amidst the sense of space that summer brings, I have no doubt that you’ll already be thinking ahead to the Autumn term and, dare I say, Christmas, in your planning. A couple of months ago I found it helpful to sit down and work through twelve questions to help me plan ahead better. They […]

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GLS 2015 – Six Themes You Can Expect

A re-post from the WCA blog. Every year, God “shows up” at the Summit. Sometimes these moments come in ways we expect – but more often they do not. There always seems to be a specific inspiration, a message, a skill or a conviction that gets cemented in our hearts during the event. Those of us […]

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Showing Up

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.” Woody Allen I have remembered that quote for years – it has helped whenever I haven’t felt like getting involved with something. More often than not, I have come away glad that I’d made the effort. Just this morning I read Acts 9. You’ll know it well. It’s […]

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Going Deep – Dave Edwins

‘What might happen if a church made the development of deep people its highest priority? What if a church decided that it’s pastor’s greatest responsibility was to lead the effort to produce a continuous flow of deep people?’ Gordon MacDonald, Going Deep, Preface   It was during 2013 that we discovered Gordon MacDonald’s book Going Deep. […]

A Leadership Quick-Take: Albert Tate

  A re-post from the WCA blog. One of the speakers that our WCA team is most excited to hear at the Summit is Albert Tate, founder and senior pastor of Fellowship Monrovia. Albert’s teaching style combines humor with unexpected biblical insights. He planted Fellowship Monrovia in January 2012—a church committed to being transformed by the […]