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GLS | Question of the Week

A helpful first step to increase your level of passion is to reconnect to your original motivation. Why did you become a leader? —Question from The Lenses of Leadership session by Bill Hybels, GLS 2016 Process Tools  

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GLS | Question of the Week

Passion has the potential to motivate and sustain a team as you lead from here to there.  Motivated employees can outperform unmotivated employees by as much as 40%. What is your current level of passion as a leader? (0=empty and 10=full) What is the average passion level of your team? —Question from The Lenses of […]

Hear. Practice. Build.
Taking Action – Sam Adeyemi

One of Africa’s top leadership voices and Summit favourite, Sam Adeyemi, will return to the Global Leadership Summit in 2017 at Willow Creek. In the inspirational post below, Sam explores three steps necessary for leaders to take action. God Moves When You Move. Some of the most frequent questions I get from people are: How […]

The Passion Lens of Leadership
The Passion Lens of Leadership

Consider your level of passion – how can you keep your passion bucket full and not just affect, but infect, others with passion? At the 2016 Summit opening session Bill Hybels discussed the lenses of leadership, four different lenses that impact a leader’s perspective. In this Defining Moments Jeff Lockyer interviews John Maxwell, a leadership expert, best-selling author and coach, on […]

Further Faster UK
Further Faster UK Conference

A two day conference led by North Point Community Church, Atlanta and presented by Lead Academy Further Faster UK is a two-day conference for church leaders and teams. Further Faster UK is a two-day conference for church leaders and teams passionate about healthy church growth. It takes inspiration from North Point Community Church’s highly acclaimed […]

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Church and Culture Conference 2017

Please note: unfortunately the Church and Culture Conference in the UK has been cancelled.  Details of the New UK Conference from Mecklenburg Community Church The annual Church & Culture Conference has a clear target on the wall: each year, new and updated content on the most pressing cultural trends and realities. If the church’s mission […]

Brené Brown
Brené Brown on Empathy

How do you respond when someone you lead shares something difficult or something that makes them vulnerable? In this animated short, Dr Brené Brown (GLS 2013, 2015) reminds us that we can only create a genuine empathic connection if we are brave enough to really get in touch with our own painful experiences.    Dr. […]

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Grow Your Church Out of the Culture

Last year I took my team over to the US to visit several churches and learn from their leaders. We wanted to know how to accommodate growth in our church whilst “staying on mission.” It was a special time and we learned a great deal. Each of the churches we visited received us graciously and […]

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GLS 2016 Feedback

  The GLS 2016 is underway and making a positive impact on pastors and leaders around the country. Here’s some of the latest feedback:     Refresh page to read more feedback GLS 2016 – More details